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DFBLAST range of Tungsten Carbide, Boron Carbide, and Ceramic Nozzles are general purpose, durable Blast nozzles suitable for a wide range of abrasive blasting applications.

Specifically designed as a cost effective nozzle, DFBLAST nozzles are available with either a 32 mm diameter or 25 mm entry. Customers can also specify the Inserts, the size of Bore Dia, and Length which suit different purpose. To ensure optimum life, all Blast nozzles should always be used with the appropriate nozzle gasket.

All DFBLAST nozzles including the long life, a choice of fine thread (1-1/4", 32mm) or the coarse contractor thread (2", 50 mm) which provides quick release from the nozzle holder and avoiding grit entrapment. Optional on Aluminum outer jacket and PU outer jacket which protects the Venturi or Straight bore nozzle insert from damage.

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