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Spinnerblast Internal Pipe Cleaner

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Spinnerblast Internal Pipe Cleaner





This system required a Standard 600lbs Blast Machine

& Blast Hose 1-1/4". 




Model: SB-1

Standard Nozzle Supplied (2pcs):
ø9.5mm x 45mm , ø6.0mm x 45mm & ø8.0mm x 45mm for pipes 8" to 10" dia

Other Nozzle Available:

ø8.0mm x 80mm for pipes 11" to 22" dia
ø9.5mm x 100mm for pipes 23" to 36" dia

Compressed Air Requirement:

ø6.0mm - 250cfm @ 100psi
ø8.0mm - 365cfm @ 100psi
ø9.5mm - 600cfm @ 100psi


◆ For the cleaning of internal pipe diameters of 200mm(8") up to 900mm (36").
◆ Easy connection to the blast hose through a STC-1 cast iron thread claw coupling.
◆ Working Principle : The SPINNERBLAST tool is moved along the pipe by means of pulling the blasting hose. The self-rotating nozzle head equipped with two high quality tungsten carbide nozzles projects the abrasive against the surface.

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