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Eastsun Helmet

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Eastsun Helmet

DFBLAST window type sandblast comes complete with a heavy duty cape,an air hose and a set up visor pack. Designed to protect blasting operatorsfrom the hazards associated with abrasive blasting,features a rugged outer shell which provides excellent high impact strength.

-Easyily adjustable suspension to suit various head sizes.
-Integral strap for carrying or hanging the helmet.
-Deep window frame that extends over the cape attachment area to prevent cape wear from rebounding abrasive.
-Breathing hose attaches in the center rear of the helmet for comfortable balance on the head.

Proposed stainless steel with mesh reinforcement

Stainess Steel Wire Mesh to be made for reinforcement beween the two layers of plastic .Stainless Steel Wire Mesh to replaceable like plastic sheet and to have a thin boundary around its edges/ broders,enabling ease of mounting and no possibility of being pricked by the wire mesh.

O-ring with Nylon Strap

-For ease of carrying and storage.
-Red strap used as it is prominent and easily identified/found in event of misplacement.

Plastic adjustable harness car adjusted for different head size

Can be adjusted for different head sizes.

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